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Duration is not getting updated in the PKS Web-Application


We have a PKS enabled web-application in our environment, everything looks fine however the Duration (Single line in text) field is in PKS Podcasts List is not getting updated correctly while uploading a file/Item (Video/Audio).
Due to this, The Home page is showing "00:00:00" against the duration field (obviously, PKS Podcasts List is updated with "00:00:00"). I reactivated the PKS Podcast List Update Handler site feature however it does not help.
In the meantime, I found that the duration is coming up without any issues if the file does not require any Conversion (i.e., mp3,.flv) which means it could be an issue with MediaEncoder or a handler which runs after the conversion however could not find any valuable clue on this,.
Which is the Handler is responsible to update the thumbnail & Duration (is it UpdateDurationThumbnailHandler - MediaInfo ) and how it works?
Where can I find the error logs (could not find it in the ULS Log)
Even I have posted this @   Awaiting for your help.