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MTC Virtual Bubblegum Application

The Virtual Bubblegum Application is a rich user-interface (UI) search application for the Microsoft internal audience initially intended to provide users access to Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) Technichal Advisor (TA) information. However, after engaging with PKS, the MTC group and PKS mutually saw greater potential and expanded the application to include all PKS authors and leverage PKS as a data repository.


  • All PKS Authors (Podcasters) are searchable from the VBG Application
  • Author Profiles display content data pulled from PKS
  • Content is viewable from the VBG application and videos will stream via Silverlight
  • Owners of Author profiles can be edited from the VBG application and written to the PKS database.
  • Rich 3D UI elements added to the general PKS UI

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Planned: FY09 Q1

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