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PKS creates folders for media files in upload folder but no media files created

Jan 15, 2010 at 12:54 AM


I have successfully installed PKS June Beta on Windows 2003 server, MOSS 2007, SQL2005 all running on top of VMWare version 4

However, when I upload a podcast, the directories are created for it on my upload folder (folders 1,2,3... etc) and show in the reporting page of PKS, but no video or audio files are created

I have a test machine (a virtual machine) that was captured from a physical host that had a sound card, exactly same setup, works fine

I might be wrong here but what I suspect is that this is due to there being no sound card on the virtual machine (physical sound card or other) the media files can't be encoded

Has anyone done a successful install of PKS on a virtual machine with no sound card?

Does anyone know of a safe virtual sound card application that could be installed to my production server that could fix this issue?