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only enough pks for itunes rss feed generation

Jan 14, 2010 at 10:14 PM

I have a nice newb question.

Is it possible to do a limited installation of pks to a sharepoint server / site /sub-site so that the itunes rss generator works correctly?

For our current use, we don't need enocoding services, or much of what pks is built to do.

We do need a way to get proper itunes-compatible rss feeds generated though.   We beat on what's native in sharepoint already, following many guidelines for altering the rss and cbq web parts to meet this need... but were never successful.

We're attempting to get a full install of pks onto a test SP VM now so we can see if we can add itunes rss to doc folders/ lists.... but I thought it would be good to know if there would be a way to do a very limited, streamlined install of pks to get only that amount of functionality added to our SP server.


Thanks for any help