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Facing an issue while installing and configuring PKS with managed path in the site collection

Jan 5, 2010 at 10:42 AM
I have 2 different server. I have installed and configured PKS on my first 
server at root level site at port 80 http://<servername1> as well as in 
subsite http://<servername1>/PodcastSite/ 
Both the sites are working perfectly. 

Now in another fresh server (servername2) i have created a web application , 
then a managed path and after that a site collection for that managed path 
http://<servername2>/Podcast. podcast is managed path.  

After that I have installed PKS using ssm.exe on 
http://<servername2>/Podcast ,  the ssm.log file does not show any error 
message. After completing the configuration most of the webparts are 
displaying error message "Unable to display this Web Part". After 
troubleshooting i realised that the path is hardcoded at most of the places. 
i changed the path in XLS, CSS and PKS master pages but error still appears 
for few webparts. 
please provide me solution for this.