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Taxonomy Columns won't work

Oct 20, 2009 at 6:36 PM

Ok, I've found a couple of different documents on adding "taxonomy" (filter) for older versions of PKS and for newer versions that end in editing leftnav.xml.

I can successfully add a filter on the August09 version, using

  1. Site Actions-View All Site Content -
  2. click on PKS Podcasts list
  3. create a PKST_filtername then the rest of the details, save,
  4. go back in to same and delete PKST_ leaving just the name
  5. Then configuring Podcast detail page using to Actions-edit page of the podcast detail page
  6. edit - modify shared web part of Podcasts webpart
  7. edit the CommonViewFields adding the PKST_filtername, Choice;

The filters show up on the edit podcast page. I can select and save them...but they don't show up in the "Category" so the filter does not function (after adding the filtername and options to the leftnav.xml).

Any ideas where I'm slipping up?


Oct 23, 2009 at 2:18 PM

Since I entered this, I've discovered that this is a listed issue.

Nov 30, 2009 at 9:44 AM

Hi Vink,

Following is a manual workaround for your issue. Hope this helps:

  1. Go to Podcast detail page of any podcast. Go to Site Actions -> Edit Page.
  2. Click on Edit -> Export to export the web part.
  3. Save the file in a local folder.
  4. Now open the Podcasts.webpart in Visual Studio.
  5. Find the property name="ViewFieldsOverride" in the file.
  6. Add the following in the above tag in last but one </property> tag.

 &lt;FieldRef Name='PKST_TaxonomyColumn' Type=' Choice'/&gt;  

7. Add the following in tag property name="CommonViewFields"  in last but one  </property

 PKST_TaxonomyColumn, Choice;

 8. Save the file.

9. Go to podcast detail page. Click on  Page -> Add Web Parts ->Import

10. Import the updated web part.

11. Now there will be two web parts on the page. Delete the original web part.