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Expression Encoder Express vs Full edition

Jul 13, 2009 at 10:21 PM

Does anyone know what limitations the express edition has and the impact on PKS?  I am experiencing lots of inconsistent behavior with with different file sizes and formats.

Jul 17, 2009 at 10:50 AM


The primary differences are related to video profile support.  The free version does not support H264 and it does not support all of the video profiles.

There should be no real issue with file sizes or codec support though.

It would be great if you can provide more details of the issues that you are facing.


Jul 17, 2009 at 2:12 PM

Here is a sample from the logs when there is a successful upload:

[7/1/2009 6:17:28 PM] GetListItem entered
[7/1/2009 6:17:29 PM] Item created: %7bdf8d347d-a97c-4f12-abab-176a39040d42%7d%40%7b0822c4bf-76a8-4cec-b37e-bd898cd58230%7d@61
[7/1/2009 6:17:29 PM] Item isPrimary...
[7/1/2009 6:17:29 PM] GenerateThumbnail() entered...
[7/1/2009 6:17:29 PM] Video file type supported...
[7/1/2009 6:17:29 PM] executing recoder.Thumbnail()...
[7/1/2009 6:17:32 PM] Thumbnail generated...
[7/1/2009 6:17:32 PM] Thumbnail created...
[7/1/2009 6:17:33 PM] Update[UpdateListItem] 0x00000000
[7/1/2009 6:17:33 PM] New item values calculated...
[7/1/2009 6:17:33 PM] Auto encode rules have been run...
[7/1/2009 6:17:33 PM] GetListItem entered
[7/1/2009 6:17:34 PM] Item created: %7bdf8d347d-a97c-4f12-abab-176a39040d42%7d%40%7b0822c4bf-76a8-4cec-b37e-bd898cd58230%7d@61

When we load large files (>80mb) we will get the first 2 lines shown below and nothing else happens until the next upload and then the 3rd line is generated as shown by the time stamp.

[7/13/2009 5:17:38 PM] GetListItem entered
[7/13/2009 5:17:38 PM] Item created: %7bdf8d347d-a97c-4f12-abab-176a39040d42%7d%40%7b0822c4bf-76a8-4cec-b37e-bd898cd58230%7d@
[7/13/2009 9:25:23 PM] Error[LoadExternalStores]: No configuration values found

To make thing even more bizzarre, I am seeing the issue with the initial 40mb wmv file we used to validate this installation at the very beginning.  We have 2 web front ends and an index/admin server that does the encoding.  There are additional errors that might help diagnose this but I can't attach log files here.  Do you have an email address I can send the files to?  The company has been really excited with the youtube like system and can't explain why we can't go live!