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iTunes/Zune RSS Schema applied to Podcast Search Results?

Jul 7, 2009 at 4:30 PM

PKS provides a RSS feed that is made available by clicking a link from pkshomepage.aspx page.  This RSS feed has been customised to include information relating to podcasts and contains elements of the iTunes and Zune RSS schemas.

When a user searches for content using a key word, SharePoint also provides the facility to receive these results as an RSS feed provided by the srchrss.aspx page.  These results are based on the default SharePoint RSS schema.

Has the PKS team considered a modification to allow a user to search for content using a key word and this would then generate a RSS feed from those results that also has a similar, extended iTunes/Zune schema?  If the team considered this, but rejected it, would they be able to share the reasons why with the community?

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