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Error when configuring Search

Apr 7, 2009 at 12:21 PM

I have implemented the March PKS solution on my server but I have a small issue, In “Metadata Property Mappings” section (Page 16 of the Install and configuration Guide for PKS) I am unable to map a property for “FileURL”.  I am unable to find the “ows_FileURL(Text)” property and this is breaking the “Podcast” search, I have carried out various full updates of the index but no luck.  Any ideas?

Apr 10, 2009 at 1:02 PM
Hi demmick,

This is a bug in the documentation. You should skip the step related to mapping the FileURL.
Also you need to following the below steps to configure the search:
1. Open the PodcastSearchResults.aspx page while you are logged in a Site Collection Administrator.
2. Go to Site Actions -> Edit Page.
3. Go to Edit Link of Search Core Results webpart.
4. Click on Modify Shared webpart.
5. In Results Query Options section ,  go to Selected Columns and remove the entry <Column Name="FileUrl" /> and click Ok.
6. Publish the page.

Assuming that you have followed the other steps mentioned in the Install and Configuration Guide related to setup of Search, your Search should start working now.

Hope this helps.

We will be publishing the updated documentation pretty soon.
Apr 10, 2009 at 7:13 PM

I am also seeing the same issue as well.  I removed the FileURL entry with no success (error msg "Property doesn't exist or is used in a manner inconsistent with schema settings").  I have each of the metadata properties created and a full crawl performed as per the installation instructions.  I am including my value in the Selected Columns entry:

<root xmlns:xsi="">    <Columns>        <Column Name="WorkId"/>        <Column Name="Rank"/>        <Column Name="Title"/>        <Column Name="Author"/>        <Column Name="Size"/>        <Column Name="Path"/>        <Column Name="Description"/> <Column Name="SiteName"/>        <Column Name="CollapsingStatus"/>        <Column Name="HitHighlightedSummary"/>        <Column Name="HitHighlightedProperties"/>        <Column Name="contentclass"/>        <Column Name="IsDocument"/>        <Column Name="PictureThumbnailURL"/>        <Column Name="PodcastThumbnail" />        <Column Name="ItemID" />  <Column Name="PodcastAuthor" /> <Column Name="Language" /> <Column Name="Format" /> <Column Name="PodcastPublishDate" />  <Column Name="PodcastDuration" /> <Column Name="Rating" /> <Column Name="PodcastSize" /> <Column Name="CsId" /> <Column Name="AuthorID" /> <Column Name="Downloads" /> <Column Name="CoAuthorIds" /></Columns>    </root>   

I do an install of PKS from scratch every release and this is what was put in as the default value with two exceptions:
1) There was a column name called "Write" which did not exist as a metadata property on my setup so I removed that one.
2) The "contentclass" column name was spelt "ContentClass" as the default but is spelt "contenclass" in my metadata properties so I changed the capitalization.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Apr 13, 2009 at 2:22 PM
Hi jason,

The two exceptions that you have mentioned should not cause any issues.
Can you double check that you have done all the mappings as per documentation? One thing that you can check is that the property Downloads is mapped to ows_Total_x0020_Downloads(Decimal).
If not, then remove the old mapping and map it again. If this property is not seen, then you will have to download an item and crawl the Content Source again.

Hope this helps.
Apr 22, 2009 at 3:12 PM

I found that I was missing ows_CoAuthorIds(Text) and ows_Total_x0020_Downloads(Decimal) mappings.
You gave me a hint in that last post that we need to use the field first and then crawl it before we can map it.
So I uploaded a Podcast with CoAuthor and then did a crawl and I was able to see ows_CoAuthorIds(Text) for the mapping.

However, even after trying to download podcasts I have found that none of the download counters are incrementing and so I still can not find ows_Total_x0020_Downloads(Decimal) for mapping.

Instead I followed the updated instructions in this post but also removed <Column Name="Downloads" /> as well as <Column Name="FileUrl" />.
And I now have search working. Awesome.

Can you tell me what implication removing the downloads field has please?

Also, I must have an issue with the Download Tracking. Can you suggest where I start trouble shooting the Download Tracking please?

Apr 27, 2009 at 1:01 PM
Hi Jay,

If you remove the downloads field then you won't be able to see the download counts in your search results.

Regarding your Download Tracking issue, you need to ensure that the steps # 8,9 on page 10 of the Installation and Configuration Guide are executed in the Central Administration.
Also you need to ensure that Download Tracking is enabled on the PKS Podcast List. The steps to enable this are provided on pages 11,12 in the "Configuring the Podcast List" section of the Installation and Configuration Guide.

Once you get your download tracking to work, you can do a crawl again and add the ows_Total_x0020_Downloads(Decimal) mapping for downloads and also add the <Column Name="Downloads" /> back.