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PKS March Beta ~ Released

Apr 1, 2009 at 6:21 AM
Edited Apr 1, 2009 at 6:46 AM

Community discussions thread release to the install, upgrade & configuration for the PKS March Beta Release

Looking forward to a great exchange of ideas and feedback!

~ Happy Podcasting ~

Release Features

Feature Updates

  • RSS Feeds
    • Added Directions to Feed Meta for Browsers Incorrectly Configured for RSS Feeds
    • Added PKS Icon to Zune & *.mp4 Feeds
    • Added 3<sup>rd</sup> Feed (XSL) for *.mp4 Support
  • UI Updates
    • Refreshed Left Nav UI Style
    • Resolved CBQ Pagination Issue
  • Updated Silverlight "Smart Player" on PodcastDetail Page
    • Non-media primary files, player isn't visible
    • Audio files, player is audio bar only
    • Video files, player experience is video player 
  • Download Tracker
    • Resolved – Downloads not being correctly incremented in sub sites
  • Podcast Upload – PKS Podcast List
    • Modified the Description column to support HTML
    • Updated Podcast Detail Page to support rich text / html descriptions

Utility Updates

  • Optimized the Oct to March Upgrade Utility (reduced processing time)
  • Included a February to March Upgrade Utility for Ratings

Maintenance Updates

  • Added IE 8 compatibility meta tags to Master Pages

Known Issue(s)

  • When upgrading, after the install a duplicate set of "<controls> </controls>" remains in the web.config, delete the tags and reset IIS.
  •  Unable to set links as the primary file during upload, if links are set as the primary file the PodcastDetail.aspx page will not render correctly.
Apr 1, 2009 at 1:43 PM

I have installed a fresh new default standalone installation of SharePoint on a single server and taken care of all the pre-requisites to start the PKS install.

I enter the ssm.exe command line and it seems to start but just sits there. 

The log says "Installing" and nothing else happens.

Any ideas?


Apr 2, 2009 at 4:38 AM

Hi Jay,


I suspect your Timer Job is what is causing you the issue, if you look at the pending jobs in Central Admin you should see a job for the ISConentQuery solution. Use the “Stsadm –o execadmsvcjobs” to complete the ISConentQuery solution and then manually retract the solution from the farm.


Once you have done this to fix the timer job be re-running the SharePoint Configuration Wizard and then re-try the ssm install. If this ssm install gets stuck again don’t cancel just run the command line utility “Stsadm –o execadmsvcjobs”. You will need to do this for each solution. So start the install in one window and in another window run the utility. You will need to run command line utility a dozen or so times.