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*.mp4 – CBQ Update Guidance

Apr 1, 2009 at 5:56 AM

Guidance for scenarios where, *.mp4 support is implemented in addition to the existing RSS & Add to Zune Button. An alternate CBQ has been included with the March Beta that adds a 3<sup>rd</sup> feed “Add to iTunes”

For optimized playback the primary file uploaded will remain Silverlight and Zune compatible. To enable *.MP4 / iTunes support:

1)      Verify you have installed the full and licensed version of Microsoft Expression Encoder 2

2)      Create an Auto Encode rule in the PKS Media Encoder Auto Encode list

a.       It critical that the file name is appended with _h264.mp4 as that is what the iTunes / *.mp4 feed is coded for. Changing the naming convention will require an XML update.

b.      Deploy the alternate CBQ

The process and assumptions are that all audio files uploaded will be uploaded as *.mp3 as they are already compatible with Siliverlight, Zune and iTunes. All video files uploaded will be automatically trans-coded as *.mp4 files, the *.mp4 file will be visible under the Support Material Section on the podcast details page. The RSS button and Zune button both point to the primary file, the iTunes button has been coded to point to the _h264.mp4 file.

This feature can be implemented at the list level, some thought should be given to the potential overhead added to the server by automatically trans-coding all files. An alternate configuration is to create a second PKS Podcasts list and only trans-code items added to that list. Auto Encode rules are set at the list level.