h.264 / *.mp4 – Expression Encoder 2 Guidance

Apr 1, 2009 at 5:35 AM

In order to take full advantage of the PKS h.264 auto encode rules, you must have a licensed version of Microsoft Expression Encoder 2 SP1 installed on the server. To verify that the Encoder has installed correctly launch Expression Encoder on the server and verify that you see Video Profiles for h.264.

Steps to verify:

1)      Click -> Start, Programs, Microsoft Expression, Microsoft Expression Encoder 2

2)      From within Expression Encoder, Click Help, About (verify SP1 is installed)

3)      Test a manual encode. File, Import, Select a Video Clip

a.       From the tool bar on the right, verify that both the “Hardware Device – H.264 podcast (Large)” and Hardware Device – H.264 podcast (Small)” exist. Select one and push the encode button on the lower left.  

b.      Test the newly encoded *.mp4 file.

If the file created successfully setup your Media Encoder Auto Encode rules per the PKS install documentation.

If at step 2, SP1 is missing try installing SP1 and continuing.

If at step 3, the Video h.264 profiles are missing, verify you have added / installed with a license key and SP1 is installed.

Note:  The PKS Media Encoder Auto Encode list will allow you to select the h.264 profiles even if Expression Encoder 2 is not licensed, however the files will not generate as *.MP4 unless licensed.