pkshompage and sharepoint designer

Mar 11, 2009 at 10:38 AM

We want to make some design changes and detach pkshomepage.aspx and as soon as we make changes we get a webpart error in the webpart CBQQueryOverride.
The only workaround for us is to export the webpart CBQQueryOverride from IE, make changes in SharePoint designer, and import the webpart from IE.

We put to many frustrating hours to find this workaround comparing the files without finding any real difference. Are these tricks a part of SharePoint designer work or are we alone in this?

We always take a deep breath when doing any changes in long pages like podcastdetail.aspx, knowing fx that the designer always will remove the first slash in the link to the xsl file.
Are these things familiar or is it only our installation that can’t cope with things like this?