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PKS February Beta Released

Feb 28, 2009 at 3:38 AM

Community discussions thread release to the install, upgrade & configuration for the PKS February Beta Release.

Looking forward to a great exchange of ideas and feedback!

~ Happy Podcasting ~

Release Features

  • Updated Network File Store (NFS)
    • Auto Upload of Files
    • Improved Linking Between Podcasts List and File System
    • Resolves Known Issues Relating to Editing Uploaded Files
  • Updated Download Tracker
    • Tracking of downloads from RSS Subscriptions
    • Resolves Playback and Downloads Delays
  • Updated Ratings & Commenting
    • Support for custom AAMs & IIS Host Headers
    • Average Series and Podcaster Ratings (Avg Ratings, #of Downloads)
  • Event Handler
    • Move PKS Event Handler Functionality to Media Encode
    • Resolves Known Workflow Issues
  • Updated Media Encoder Service - Full Support for Expression Encoder SP1
    • Auto Encode Features (Set multiple encoding profiles, for expanded device support)
    • Advanced System Default Thumbnail Handling (set unique default thumbnails based on file types)
  • H.264 Support (Requires a full licensed version of Expression Encoder SP1)
  • Install Guidance for PKS Subsite installs
    • Use Case 1: Install PKS as a Subsite
    • Use Case 2: Create a PKS Subsite Under an existing PKS Site

Known Issue(s)

  • When upgrading, after the install a duplicate set of "<controls> </controls>" remains in the web.config, delete the tags and reset IIS.
  • Unable to set links as the primary file during upload, if links are set as the primary file the PodcastDetail.aspx page will not render correctly.
  • Download counts are not incremented correctly on PKS subsites.
Feb 28, 2009 at 4:52 AM
Sub-site deployment guidance? Full H.264 support? Workflow bugs fixed? Full tracking of Zune RSS downloads? Podcaster average rating? An even better Silverlight upload?
The PKS team has done a fantastic work with this February PKS release, and we hope that you and your podcaster communities will enjoy it soon.
As you do, please let us know your feedback!
Mar 2, 2009 at 3:11 PM
Hi All
Looks very promising!

I am i the process of upgrading from the December release and have a few questions:
- Where did the code for the PKS Prerequisites go ? I cannot find them after the December release and I made some changes there that I will need to reapply.
- Do I have to go over the January release or can I jump from December to february?
-There is a manual "Steps to create a secondary PKS Podcast List" I can't find any information around why I would I like to do that?

(Hoping for the forum for the next release)

Thanks for a interesting product that keeps me busy upgrading and adapting :)

Best regards

Mar 2, 2009 at 10:47 PM

Hi k3larra,

PKS Prerequisites Code | We just updated the code download for the February Beta, it looks like the prerequisites code folder was inadvertently dropped in prepping the files for upload to CodePlex. The code is there now, thanks for your patience.

PKS Upgrade | You should be fine skipping from December to February.

Multiple Podcasts Lists | There are a couple of reasons for multiple podcasts lists:

- Security - Multiple lists allow you to configure multiple security scenarios, for example if you allow your entire org to see and contribute general content you may want to use one list for this, and if your HR group wants to start communicating with just employees you may want to create a second list with different permissions, limiting who can see the HR content.  

- Encode Rules - The auto-encode rules are set at a list level, so you can control default behaviors per list. For example you may not want to re-encode every file a user uploads for h.264, due to performance considerations. But for executive communications you might want to create a high res, low res, and h.264 file automatically, if you were to create a second list just for executive podcasts you can have multiple sets of encode rules.

- Performance & Archiving - Multiple lists allow you the flexibility to expire content, for example if you create on list per quarter, if after 5 quarters you want to expire content more than a year old you can remove user permissions or delete the oldest list. Also for performance reasons it not recommended to let your lists exceed 5K podcasts.

Thanks for your continued support and spotting the issue for the missing code.


Mar 2, 2009 at 10:50 PM
Hi k3larra,

We are hoping to include the AJAX discussion board in the March release as well.

Mar 2, 2009 at 11:00 PM
Hello ... 

I awinters...

I have just installed the February version of PKS.  It looks great!  I can't wait to get it to the teachers in our program for use with their students.  I have a couple of issues, the most serious being that I can't seem to use my FQDN.  I actually get a page does not exist error.  Should I be able to in this version?  If not, is there a work around?

I also have a problem where I can open the comment but can't seem to submit, and my thumbnail generates but the time does not appear and the video does not play or encode for Silverlight.

Any help is much appreciated! Great work!

Mar 3, 2009 at 12:31 PM
Hi Ogeorge,

FQDN -  You should be able to use FQDN in the February beta of PKS.
If you have setup the PKS site as http://<server name>:<port number> and you are trying to access the site using FQDN then you will need to make an entry in Alternate Access Mapping available at Central Admin > Operations tab > Global Configuration section.

Comments - Please make sure that the identity used to run the Application Pool being used by PKS has the DBO permissions on the RatingsStore database.

Podcast duration and video not playing- Since the thumbnail is getting generated we can assume that the Media Encoder service is working.
Can you please ensure that Microsoft Expression Encoder SP1 is installed properly? Also are these issues seen for specific file formats or are they happening for all video files?
Additionally can you please check the log file generated by the Media Enocoder available at C:\Program Files\PKS\Media Encoder Service and see if any errors are logged.
If you see an error, then it would great if you can post here.