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Encoder Error[fileSystemWatcher_Created]

Feb 18, 2009 at 10:56 AM

I am installing the December release on a 2003 server with SQL Server Express edition, all on a virtual server.
Things are working fine except that I get this error in the encoder.log:
I get a similar error both when I upload a file and after encoding.
Thoughts ?  Ideas ?


[2009-02-18 11:35:50] Monitor Location found: PKS Podcasts
[2009-02-18 11:35:54] Thumbnail generated at: C:\UploadFiles\385b2299-7f7f-498a-bbae-0f121c76a5fb\848d4c76-8539-41fc-9203-d3ea2962c03f\fce7f617-5b25-4f52-a5b9-5b2aad9483e4
[2009-02-18 11:35:54] Duration: 00:00:11.5440000
[2009-02-18 11:35:54] Connecting to web service: http://expo
[2009-02-18 11:35:54] GetListItem entered
[2009-02-18 11:35:54] Parameters set
[2009-02-18 11:35:54] GetListColumnNames: 71
[2009-02-18 11:35:54] Error[fileSystemWatcher_Created]: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at MediaEncoderService.ListWebService.GetListItem(String itemId, String listName, String fieldDisplayName, String& id)
   at MediaEncoderService.MediaEncoderService.ActOnNewFile(String fullPath)

[2009-02-18 11:35:54] Item created: C:\UploadFiles\385b2299-7f7f-498a-bbae-0f121c76a5fb\848d4c76-8539-41fc-9203-d3ea2962c03f\fce7f617-5b25-4f52-a5b9-5b2aad9483e4\Thumbnail.jpg
[2009-02-18 11:36:05] Progress[webServiceTimer_Tick]: Checking for a new queued item