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Third Party File Converter

Dec 16, 2008 at 2:16 PM
I've successfully deployed the September Release, and it looks great.  I'm working now on customizing the app and adding demo content.  I'm still a little confused about media file types.  Based on the language in the Media Service config file, it seemed like it would accept a wide range of types... and witht the additional conversion button in the PodcastDetail page, I figured the system would be pretty versatile.  It seems, however, that only WMV files work.

I am using the HTTP Post upload method as the "Upload Interface (under Local File Store Settings within the Podcast Files column of the PKS Podcasts list), because when I tried it with Silverlight, it just promped to me to install the player (even after I installed it).

So ideally, I'd love to be able to flip a switch somewhere so it could accept more file types.  But if that's not a possibility, I'm wondering if there's some third party software that can convert between lots of file types.  If I could put FLV, avi, MPEG, etc. into one end, and get WMV files out the other, which I could then upload to PKS, that would work.

Any recommendations?