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PKS November Beta Released

Dec 8, 2008 at 7:13 AM

A community thread related to the install of and upgrade to the PKS November Beta

Looking forward to a great exchange of ideas and feedback!

~ Happy Podcasting ~

Release Features

  • Updated Master Page
    • Resolved Layout Issue | Tag Cloud and Right Side Formatting
  • Updated Master Page / Page Layout Associations
    • Pages can be detached - reattached using SharePoint Designer
  • PKS Media Encoder Monitor Locations List Automatically Deploys
  • Taxonomy Support
    • Columns added to the Podcasts Library will automatically display on the Podcast Details Page

Known Issue(s)

  • When upgrading, after the install of the November 2008 Beta release a duplicate set of "<controls> </controls>" remains in the web.config, delete the tags and reset IIS.

Note: Unfortunately to prevent further delay in the release of the November 2008 Beta, we have dropped the integration with the new Ratings and Commenting component due to some technical hurdles. We are working diligently to get the new Ratings & Commenting component into a future release. We will keep the community posted as to our progress.