unable to see review comments

Nov 21, 2008 at 4:38 AM
When i click on the read review it doesn't display the review details 

when i hover over i can see the url http://pks/Pages/PodcastDetail.aspx?itemId=3&userId=1&caid=&csId=%257B0287D60A-B14B-495B-AF90-AC347CF8C21E%257D%2540%257B5D78B0FE-F293-411C-A026-02A5A553CB03%257D#reviews

can you pls help me understand where i am going wrong

Thanking you in advance

Nov 22, 2008 at 6:14 PM
Try this:

In your browser type in http://<your PKS site>/Pages/PodcastDetail.aspx.

1.    Find the “Content Rating-Review Results” web part and click Edit, Modify Shared Web Part.
2.    Expand the Miscellaneous tab, and find the Xslt Override Location. Set the value to:
3.    Click Ok.


Nov 23, 2008 at 3:16 AM
Thanks a lot for the reply  I think i have not given complete details about the issue i am facing

1. In the Configure Ratings Section I selected Rating Comment Flyout Detail Page as my template
2. when i go to podcast details page for an item I see hyper link "Read Reviews >>"  in the content rating review results webpart
3. when i click on that link nothing happens
4. I can notice hyper link for "Read Reviews >> " has the following url http://mypkssite/Pages/PodcastDetail.aspx?itemId=4&userId=1&caid=&csId=%257B0287D60A-B14B-495B-AF90-AC347CF8C21E%257D%2540%257B5D78B0FE-F293-411C-A026-02A5A553CB03%257D#reviews

5. I see this behavior when i go to list all items view
6. in the rating column i can see "Read Reviews>>" hyper link
7. when i click on that link nothing happens
6. I can notice hyper link for "Read Reviews >> " has the following url http://mypkssite/Lists/mycontentratinglist/AllItems.aspx#reviews

It looks like there is some wiring that is missing on my system it would be great if you can point me to potential reasons why it is failing on my machine

Thanking you in advance