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Failed in installation

Oct 16, 2008 at 9:22 AM
I downloaded last version of PKS and failed in installation.
Some features like User interface failed to be activated. (Is there anyway to discover missed file)
Also It is complicated to do manual steps for installation. (Is there any easy batch file do all steps? or video guidance)
When will you release stable version to do in production server?
Oct 16, 2008 at 4:02 PM
Hi Tarek294- the first things you should verify are:

·         You are deploying to a site collection created as a Collaboration Portal template. The site collection can be created in either an existing application pool or a newly-created one.
·         The person performing the installation needs to be:
o   A Site Collection Administrator.
o   A member of the site owners group.
o   An administrator of the Shared Services site collection. You can find the Shared Services site from the SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration page.
·         Within IIS, you will need to set the identity of the SharePoint AppPool to a domain or machine account with admin rights for the machine and admin rights for SharePoint. Steps are provided to show you how to configure the application pool identity later in the document. The Network Service account cannot be the identity for the Application Pool. If the account identity is Network Service many components will not function correctly.

The September release is the first beta and stable release. I agree with you the deployment experience isn't yet ideal, and we are improving it every months. There are a few things that will always require manual interventions by design since we are approaching deployment in terms of development effort versus one time manual setup effort and impact.