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Oct 8, 2008 at 8:48 AM
Edited Oct 8, 2008 at 8:51 AM
Hi.  I've been reading the documentation and searched through some posts but am looking for some more information about the upload process.  Could you help?

- The CodePlex PKS FAQ’s says –
Q: Do all videos or podcasts need to be uploaded to SharePoint or can they be hosted on other servers and video/content delivery systems?
A: We'll offer both options: the videos can be uploaded on the server, or just referenced in the system. The upload mechanism code will be available if you'd like to adapt it to your content delivery system and deliver an integrated experience.
Where/how do I access the upload mechanism?

- Upload file location.  I am investigating interrupting the upload process to either get the files from a different location after the Transcoding has completed or to call the 3rd party tool advising source/target locations.  I am currently looking at using the Media Encoding Service to call our 3rd Party product, is this appropriate? We’re looking at using a 3rd party tool to perform Transcoding of upload media into multiple formats. This is so we don’t limit users to a creating podcasts in a few supported file formats.  The 3rd party tool requires access to the UploadFiles store and will put the transcoded files in this (or other location) with the appropriate file format (eg FLV, M4V).  The UploadFiles store will be located on a dedicated server for Transcoding/storage.

- Download Files – The user will get a choice of what type of file to download.  In order to do this I need to hook into the FileURL being used by this link. This is set during the upload process.!?

We're using the HTTPPost upload process and we have implemented Flash Player to view media files.

Thanks, Linda

Oct 9, 2008 at 8:34 AM
-Upload Mechanism:
The upload mechanism is part of the external file storage component- it's a custom field in the Podcast Library content type.

-Upload Files:
I would recommend studying the MediaEncoder service and adopt the same design approach.

- Download Files:
Here again you will see how the MediaEncoder updates the PKS Podcast libary fields to add the thumbnail file as well as the newly encoded file.
You will then need to update the Podcast Detail page UI to offer the download selection to the users.

Good luck!