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External File Store Problem. Please Help Me ;D

Oct 1, 2008 at 6:52 PM
Edited Oct 1, 2008 at 7:14 PM
Hello everyone!
I'm trying to install PKS at a virtual machine. This is my first time doing that.
Ok, lets talk what happened.

During the cofiguration of the external File Store, we have:

Create the External File Store Upload Path

The podcasting system requires an external file store to hold all of the podcasts. The external file store consists of a root folder that is accessible for the server and is referenced by a client-accessible IIS virtual directory.

To create the external file store repository:

<!-Create a folder that is accessible by the AppPool Identity user name. This folder may be on the local server or can be a UNC path. Make sure the permissions are set to allow anyone to read from the folder as well as allow the AppPool Identity to create and write folders and files. A suggested name would be UploadFiles.

<!-Create a virtual directory or Web site from within IIS Manager:

For a virtual directory set Path to the folder created above.

For a Web site, make sure Home Directory Local path is set to the folder created above.

<!-Ensure that all readers can access the Web site or virtual directory.


a.    Folder = C:\UploadFiles

b.      Web URL = http://pksdemo3/UploadFiles/

I created the folder into C:\ , like was asked. After it, I created the site at IIS and set Path this folder that i created in C:\
The site had the name http://localhost:3333

Ok, everything is working well. Soo, start the problem.

Configuring the PKS Podcasts list, I put

Upload Location URI represents the server side access for the External File Store.

i. Example:  C:\Upload Files

IIS Base URL represents the client side access for the External File Store.

i. Example:  http://localhost:3333

When I clicked Ok, Everything seens worked. But when clicked on the list, and clicked NEW (to upload a podcast), the following messager appear:

ERROR: File Not Found.

I tryed to re-create the list and reconfigure it again, and the same error ocurred.
Soo, one of the times that I created the list , I didn't confiure the list and tryed to click in NEW. Misteriously, It worked. All the fields appeared.
I followed the next step, thinging that everything was working. I Configured the Media Encoder Service config.
I tryed to post something, but the thumbnail didn't appeared.

Someone know what I did wrong?
Someone had this error message "File Not Found" ?

I thought that the problem was the External File Store. I'm right?

Thank you for everything,


(And sorry about my bad english)

Oct 2, 2008 at 4:06 PM
For the guys who had the same problem,
I solved it.
The problem happened when I created the WEB URL.
I Solved the problem creating a web URL at the site collection, like "pks_server:2222/uploadfiles"
When I did that, the page openned.